Day 2 in Delhi – The nightmare is over!

We are escorted back to the hostel in the morning.  I would take the room with the hole in the wall by now!!  Luckily we get a nice little room.  Not clean by any standard but much nicer than the one we were in.  

The guy tells us that there is a problem with ATMs at the moment in India running out of money and lends us 2000 rupees.  Although I’m worried its a scam, we take it, as we need food!

The rest of the day was spent wandering round Delhi.  It seems much calmer than it did the preceding night – maybe we just decided to just go with the mental and not fight it! 

We find Connaught place which is the centre of town – if you need a h&m or sketchers then this is your place!  Just like any centre apart from the children trying to shine your shoes.  There are some lovely parks in the city.  

We meet a few nice people today too. A nicely dressed young guy who tells us about his government wasting money on a concert that day that they cancelled last minute.  We asked him about veggie places in Delhi and he recommended this family run place that was delicious. 

 We met a nice guy in there too who told us all about India changing and becoming more expensive.  He said to not be afraid to talk to anyone but to not go back to anyone’s house or anything.

We wandered around where out hostel is, main bazaar road. It has got crazy busy again but I think we don’t mind as much today – We are used to the bikes and cars and rickshaws nearly mowing you down.  People in India are very spatially aware here!!

After some more more vegi food we head back to the hostel and sit downstairs for a bit.  The hostel guys make us coffee and we discover the most amazing thing ever.  Aisha!!!! The hostel pug šŸ™‚ 

She is so cute but very naughty and bitey – she especially has a fetish for plastic bottles! 

Anyway we are covered in animal hair again which is how we should be!!

Time for shower with hot water and bed :). Also am tempting fate here but day 2 in Delhi and I haven’t shat myself yet!!! Win šŸ™‚


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