Last day in Delhi -This place isn’t what we thought…

So today was the best day so far.  I joined couch surfing a couple of months ago and was overwhelmed (and frightened) by the amount of responses we got.  Some were polite and friendly, some had seediness written all over them.  Today we met a guy – Prashant, from couch surfing, who used to live in Manchester.

I had been homesick the night before and was already anxious and had no idea what was in store for us.  We had been warned not to go off with anyone or get in anyone’s car so when Prashant arrived with a taxi we were a bit hesitant.  But the first words out of his mouth were “I’m having a culture shock here in my own country – This place is stressing me out man!”  After spending some time with him it turns out he had never been to the part of Delhi that we were in and thought it was frightening!  I guess it is like us – even near our town there are places we don’t go.

We spent the day with him and he showed us the more classier places in New Delhi (it turns out where we are is really old. Delhi).  Gorgeous little shopping centres, bookshops and cafes and the most amazing park I have ever been to in my life! I think it might’ve been called Lodi park? 

There were very sharply dressed and well mannered people everywhere and things were much more slower paced and calm!

We learnt about Prashant’s life and family and he learnt about ours!  It was a great way to see another side of Delhi that we wouldn’t have known about before.  

I think had it not been for Prashant, we would have left aDelhi thinking that we would never ever come back but today changed our opinion of that.  

He was a great host and hopefully now a friend for life!  

He wouldn’t accept a penny from us even buying our coffee and lunch which was so sweet!  He is coming to Europe later this year so I hope he finds the same kindness from couch surfers over there.

We also visited Humayuns tomb today – Beautiful but not a patch on the park.

When we got back to the hostel we met some great people from all over the world, stroked some more pug and then went out for a nice tea together as a group.  

We had been planning to eat crisps in our room as we were scared of going out in the dark but there is safety in numbers!!  Overall a great day 🙂


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