Lots of “Firsts” in Jaipur!

Finally everything sorted with sim card and internet, we manage to book a train to avoid Delhi.  I really cannot stand the thought of going back so we spend a whole 23 hours on trains avoiding it!  We left Shimla on the toy train at ten in the morning and we didn’t arrive in Jaipur until after 9 the next morning.  

In Chandigarh we get our first sleeper train. 

 In the UK we decided we wouldn’t go below AC2 class, which is like the second class.  Unfortunately as we booked this so late there was only AC3 class.  We are sitting in Chandigarh station and I am just imagining how nice and warm my own bed is in England and conjuring the horrors that might be on this train.  I imagine being tightly curled up around my backpack, whilst being thrown around by the train and keeping one eye on the dodgy passengers so they don’t steal any of my shit.  However I was pleasantly surprised.  

The dodgy passengers turned out to be a nice family and a lone younger guy so we didn’t feel threatened.  We were very tightly packed in and we were both too long for the bed but it wasn’t too bad.  The train kind of rocks you gently to sleep!  AC3 means that there are three tiers a top middle and bottom. I was on the top and andrew was middle.  

Another family got on with a tiny baby and he swopped with them so they could sit together.  My heart sank when I saw the baby.  I figured that was sleep out of the window but it didn’t make a peep all night!! However I saw a creepy crawly (possible a cockroach) on the other side of the train wall so I didn’t sleep anyway, constantly checking the wall behind me and jumping at every tickle on my skin.
We arrived at Moustache hostel in Jaipur.  It is so much warmer here!  We actually got a bit sunburned!

The hostel was amazing.  We stayed in our first shared dorm here – a 6 bed shared dorm.  I was imagining rowdy people coming in stinking drunk at 3am and not being able to pee when you need to!  But again I was pleasantly surprised. 

There were only four of us in the room, one lovely guy called Troy and an Indian guy who travels all the time and has been pretty much everywhere!  The dorm was super quiet and clean.  

 I really like Jaipur.  The pink city, although nice to look at, is full of the same tat that is everywhere.  People selling you the same scarves and trinkets.  

I think all the city centres are going to be the same in terms of touts, scams and shopping.  You could be anywhere.  We did get our first rickshaw here!  We’ve taken a few now and it’s not as scary as you might think.

We did see the Hawa Mahal although we didn’t go in.  It was stunning outside though. We are already waaaay over budget in India. Its not as cheap as you might think. 

Also we spent a day at the Amber fort which was amazing.  

It was half an hour out of Jaipur and it was a nice quiet day out.  

We paid for entry and explored taking in some culture 🤓

We head to Agra next which I think will be tourist central!


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