Lazy Lazy Agra

We arrived in Agra on the 11th of Feb and leave on the 14th. (Haven’t left yet as i am typing this in the common room).  I figured we would leave ourselves a few days here as, because it is home to to Taj, there must be a lot to see and do. Right?  Wrong!  After the Taj Mahal, there is a baby Taj which isn’t as good, and the Fort. We have already seen the Amber fort so weren’t really up for this.  So we have ended up spending four days mainly chilling in the hostel and being generally lazy.  I think this is important though when you are travelling – making time to chill out and relax from running about.

The hostel in Agra we stayed at is the Zostel Agra.  Honestly if you ever stay in Agra this is the best hostel.  There is a huge gated lawned garden for you to sit and get fried in the sun (like I have today – lobster arms are gonna be a bitch to sleep with tonight!).  

They also have puppppppiiiiieeeeesssss! Which, is we are honest, is the only reason we picked this place!

They are playful and cute and at this very second I am writing this, one has run off with Andrew’s sandal!! 

The hostel has excursions -one of which we did, a boat ride at the back of the Taj for 100 rupees! (Just over a pound). You can get some lovely photos here.

  Also it is walking distance to the main attraction – The Taj Mahal – One of the 7 wonders of the world which we saw the other day.  The Taj is steep at 1000 rupees though.

The hostel itself is very social.  It has several separate sitting areas including a separate cafe where we met lots of lovely people and I had henna done for free!

The last night in the hostel was annoying though.  Rude spanish people shouting and laughing til 2 am in another room.  I hope they get the shits.  Then the mexican guy in our room decides he wants to pack up at 3 am and was dragging his metal drawer around, clattering and rusting plus pissing about with the lights and fan for twenty minutes.  And worst of all the slightly “large” american guy also in our room last night warned us before he went to sleep that he snores.  Within 30 seconds of him announcing the fact to us, a pneumatic drill noise emerged from his bunk and persisted all night.  The only way for me to drown it out was to put Amon Amarth on my phone and listen to the gentle waves of melodic death metal instead.  

We are on a sleeper train tonight, then getting a nice private room in varanasi where we can hide out if we need to πŸ™‚ 


8 thoughts on “Lazy Lazy Agra

  1. I read this blog and then I read all the India travel blogs that you’ve written. I don’t know what your itinerary looks like, but I am going to recommend Rishikesh to you. It is the YOGA capital of the World and has number of ashrams for meditation and yoga.
    Read my blog on it here –

    Do visit when you have the chance, you’d love it! Much love from India. Namaste πŸ™‚


      1. Awesome. I am definitely going to book a stay at Zostel, and thanks for the info about Taj on Fridays. I have actually not read that anywhere. Good to know.


  2. I’m heading to India in a few months and could not be more excited! Zostel Agra sounds so good, Is it quite cheap? Also the view from the back of the Taj is stunning. Do you know if there are other options for getting a boat there or is it only the hostel that does it?

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    1. I think zostel was one of the cheaper ones yes. You can walk to the task so it’s really handy. A rule we follow for hostels usually is to filter by 8.5 rating and above then sort by price, cheapest first! That had only failed us a couple of times!! There are a few boats there behind the Taj so toy could provably organise your own but they might charge you more. (Foreigner tax!!). I loved the boat though and it was so peaceful. One of Our friends actually saw it from the other side of the river which I didn’t even know was possible. He’s called troyip if you want to noise at his Instagram pic. Hope you enjoy xx

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