We got the overnight train to Goa.  It was another sleeper class and I was dreading it.  Luckily I bought a bike lock so at least I thought I could lock my bag up underneath so I could get some sleep.  (The last couple of sleeper trains I have been spooning my backpack and not getting any sleep as I had no room).  We get on the train and it becomes apparent that there is no-one else on it in our coach!  So we have six beds all to ourselves!  It was actually a great journey, we got snacks and water, breakfast and mango juice – wwe never got any of this on any of the trains in the north!  Also in the next coach were another English couple from Leeds, Chris and Jane.  We got on the train at about nine and didn’t stop chatting until nearly midnight!!

Our air bnb was a bit of a joke, no wifi, the air con didn’t work and decided to piss out water at 3am, and the shower was 16,000 degrees Celsius.  But other than that Goa was great!  We walked two minutes from our apartment and we were on the beach.  Which is where we stayed for 2 days solid!!!

It was our holiday within our holiday! The sea was really rough and watching people (and joining in myself) it became apparent that it didn’t matter what race you were, or religion, what language you spoke or what your socioeconomic status was.  There is only one rule in the sea.  Throw yourself into the waves like a nob!  I nearly lost my pants a few times (note to self – put weight back on)

We met up with Chris and Jane again and chatted (and drank) from lunch til sundown.  

They are really lovely people and it was so great talking to someone who wasnt Andrew!!  They head to the north now so hopefully they have a better experience than us!!

So overall we enjoyed Goa. The beach was good, the weather was good. But it was a bit like an Indian benidorm. Very touristy and cheesy. The restaraunt we ate on the first night had the typical working man’s club singer on, singing ing all the Lionel classical search to a cheesy seventies sounding casino! So I would recommend Kerala over Goa. 🙂


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