Mumbai??? NOPE!!!! We went to KL instead

So here is where my dutiful planning everything twenty five years in advance didn’t pay off.  We had seen north India, and much preferred the South.  So much so, that neither of us could face going to Mumbai.  We had also heard from a few travellers and Indian nationals alike that Mumbai was expensive and not that great. (Sorry to any locals reading this – Anjan – Oops sorry).  However because I had booked a flight already to Mumbai, we decided to still go there, but not leave the airport.  We paid for a flexible pass from STA so we can change our flights.  We just need to pay the difference in ticket costs.  A quick google search brings up a flight for £125 each so it can’t be much.  I had emailed STA a few days prior and hadn’t heard anything. I pestered on facebook, where they denied knowledge of me contacting them.  I finally received the difference in cost to fly straight out of Mumbai on the 25th instead of the 28th.  The cheeky F*ckers wanted £376 each.  So we cut our losses and just booked the cheaper flight.  (In retrospect I think we made the right decision.  Jane and Chris have just left and send me a message saying “it was a bit of a shithole”)

So we booked an airbnb in KL with CCCAAAAAATTTTTTSSSSSSS.  

I looked through all the listings to try and find a cheap accommodation with these furry extras and we were not dissappointed.  

These lovely creatures (Pearl, Nebby, and Simba) were so friendly and sweet, and I had missed my own cats so much it was great to have a cuddle 🙂

Also the views were amazing!

KL was ruined slightly by me being ill AGAIN.  (Im going to turn in to Loperamide). But we did manage to see something ther than the monstrous malls! Although i gave the malls a fair shot (much to Andrew’s dismay!

We saw the Petronas towers.  

At night they had a really cool fountain display.  I started to film it but enlisted I was watching it in crappy camera phone quality instead of my actual human eyes, so I stopped filming and just watched it 🙂

We also went to Thean Hou temple which was pretty astounding!  

All in all I am glad we changed our plans – yes, we lost money, but I don’t know how much more of India I could take!!  Onto Thailand next 🙂


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