South Thailand and the Islands

After KL we headed straight to Krabi airport rather than drive through Malaysia.  We had planned this so that we could be on the islands for my birthday.  Which unfortunately didn’t happen as I was still sick from India.

First thing we noticed is that is stupidly hot.  Like 36 degrees hot. I wasn’t aware my wrists could sweat but they did.  Every part of my body melted into a puddle here.  I thought I was being clever avoiding the “peak” season however I didn’t realise that all these smart asses are avoiding the heat and humidity.  “Yeah” we saved a hundred pounds or so coming in March, “win” – says the dripping beetroot with “Monica-Geller-Barbados” hair and a limp (story to follow).

We spent the first couple of days in somewhere called banana bungalows which had open air bathrooms and holes in the walls for all creepy crawlies to get in.  Luckily there was a mosquito net in the room so I spent most of my time hiding under it like a den.  It was my safe space.  The first night I went to wash my hands and there was a tree frog in the sink.  We spent one day finding a beach called “secret” beach.  It looked nearby on the map however it was miles and an actual jungle walk, literally moving tree branches out of the way and walking through spiderwebs.  We saw all sorts of creatures including a snake and several lizards.  At the last part, we had to scale down a fifty or so foot sheer drop down the rocks, using vines and trees for support.  My leg muscles weren’t used to this amount of stretching so I strained my thigh muscle and couldn’t walk properly for five days after.

I was also pretty poorly here so I couldn’t wait to check out and chill out under some air conditioning.  We spent a few days in Krabi where eventually I went to the doctors.  They sent me to the international hospital and I got much needed meds. I also wasn’t allowed to eat anything at all at first and then biscuits, fried eggs and crackers for a couple of days.  The antibiotics made me poorly too so my birthday was a bust.

The day after my birthday I felt better so we treated this as my birthday.  We went to Railay beach (only accessible by boat) which was AMAZING.

  Really nice water – warm, and a gorgeous turquoise.  Also lots of caves including this dildo one?

We then island hopped for the next few days.  We went to Koh Lanta and Koh Phi Phi.  Koh Lanta is not very developed but had some nice beaches.  

It also had a standout animal sanctuary.  The owner came to Koh Lanta as a backpacker like us.  She was upset by all the cats and dog she saw on the street, so she went back home, sold her house and her businesss and opened an animal sanctuary there.  Since opening they have reduced the amount of stray dogs by 90% and reduced rabies to zero!.  They are adopted out all over the world and volunteers can take an animal back with them as extra baggage if they happen to be flying to a country where the animal is going.  If anyone ever goes to Thailand, please check on their website for pets needing a fight companion, as they can fly them from any major Thai airport with you.

I chose our guesthouse in Koh Lanta partly because of the good ratings for the price and partly because they had cats.  Which were very cute.  However we also had some more eight legged uninvited guests in our room.  As there was a big gap under the door, on the first night the biggest spider ever ran into our room.  Andrew managed to get it out and we stuffed towels under the door to seal the gap.  However the bathroom was open air again.  So on my second night, when I was having a shower, I realised I was sharing it with another giant spider who thought it was funny to run at me whilst I was nude.  I very nearly ran outside in front of everyone but managed to keep my cool (sort of – if you ignore the screaming part).  So I didn’t sleep very well here.  I laid awake all night feeling every tickle on my body and trying to work out if there were any shaodows moving.  When I did sleep I had a nightmare about being attacked by deadly scorpions.  

Koh Phi Phi was more of a party island.  I couldn’t been in Kavos or something apart from there are no roads so no cars or bikes. They also leave penises (penii?? 🤔)

 It was all very developed and clean, with lots of shit shops and restaraunts.  Because it was out of season though, the music wasn’t too late and we enjoyed a night watching a fire show!  

Again, the beaches were fantastic.  I don’t have many photos as I wanted to relax and go in the sea without beading my stuff so I left my phone in the hotel.  I took memory pictures with my actual eyes and brain instead of looking through the lens.  I snorkelled a bit here too and same some amazing giant and rainbow coloured fish.  It’s so cute!  You can hear them munching on the coral underneath you!

I actually really enjoyed koh Phi Phi – There was some great food and our hotel was good.  And it had a real life doggy love story. Bert (the boy dog) lives in the hotel and every day his girlfriend (I don’t know her name but we call her Ewok) walks on her own over a kilometre to be with him. (And to receive belly rubs from customers!)

We head to north Thailand next so we will see what awaits us there 🙂


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