A little piece of Pai

We made our way up the windiest road ever (like seriously – people vom on this journey all the time) to Pai.  Pai is meant to be a hill town which is full of hippies and has a cool and laid back vibe.  However I think now, the tourists have got to it, and the only sign of any hippies is the abundance of gluten free foods and wheatgrass everywhere!

I (as per usual on this trip now) wasn’t feeling well so we splurged from our backpacker budget to a place with a bath. 

 It was £24 a night however should have been £92.  It had the biggest bungalow I have seen, complete with bath, huge shower and dressing room.  It also had an infinity pool and would-be amazing views (if it wasn’t burning season).

It was a little out of the way so we spent two days doing nothing other than sunbathing.  I succeeded in burning myself to a crisp on the last day – I literally radiated heat from my tomato red and sore body.

When you don’t feel well on your travels, it really detracts from your time away.  I was too ill to eat some days and nothing was right.  You know when you have a dream that you are somewhere but there’s something not quite right about it and you don’t know why.  Travelling poorly, for me was like that.  I placated myself with a bubble bath, only to find it stressful trying to stop the army of ants that were intent on their suicide missions to get to me.  I tried to watch a program from home and found that we can’t get on UK netflix in Thailand.  Food was awful – All I wanted in the world was mash and gravy, and all I had in the world were awful noodles with unidentified meat in them.  I wanted fresh English air and instead I was choking on the worst smoke ever – honestly, it was awful in the mornings – you could hardly go outside.

After a few days we moved to another place in Pai, which was an upside down house and a which was something of a local tourist attraction.  

We forced ourselves up and got out of our hotel room and found mash for me and proper pg tips tea for Andrew.  

We met up with Becky and Ben again, 

got harangued by the drunkest Irishman ever and on our last day had the strength to walk to the white buddha.  

We had attempted a couple of days prior, but after walking for five minutes I knew my body could not do it.  This time we made it to the top to see the amazing sunset (which again was compromised by smoke) by the giant buddha.

We left Pai to head back to Chiang mai for a few days before hitting Chiang rai!


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