Chiang Rai

We spent two days here and I was pleasantly surprised by Chiang Rai.  We arrived at a hostel rather than a private room to be a bit more social. (We were turning into hermits!).  The hostel was lovely and the beds were awesome.  When we walked in there was an English guy who had lived in withington, there was another guy in a different room from Manchester and later turned up a lad from Great Moor in Stockport.  It was a bit surreal!!  Everyone from Manchester seemed to all convene at the same place!

The first night we went to see the clock tower roundabout, which was quite special.  

And we went to the night market.  I was feeling poorly (AGAIN) so just had a smoothie, which still came back to bite me on the ass.  We had a fun night but unfortunately everyone got a bit poorly from eating at the night market. 

 Something I have noticed about backpacking – you could have known someone for barely five minutes, but it is perfectly acceptable to talk about poo and poo related problems!!

The next day we got the local bus to see the only thing I was bothered abut in Chiang Rai, which is the white temple. 

Being the avid historian that I am – I knew… well, actually I knew nothing about it.  As it turns out, it isn’t a real temple, although it is being used in that way now. 

It is an art installation and actually quite modern.  I love the artists dark themes, with the hands reaching out of the floor – reminds me of the Robin Williams film, “what dreams may come”. 

 There were also pop culture references everywhere, like hanging heads of deadpool, captain America and other marvel characters, which I felt cheapened it a bit. 

However it was a really good thing to go and see and I would definitely recommend it.

On the way back I thought I would check out the local cat cafe (because I miss Missy and Loki so much!!).  

I had a really nice hot chocolate whilst uninterested and aloof cats floofed their way past me and sneered at my obvious desperation for feline attention!!

The next day we were getting our bus to Laos (18 hours!!) so we had a quiet night and took no risks with our food choices!  You really don’t want the shits on an 18 hour bus!!


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