Cambodia – Siem Reap

After Pnom Penh we travelled by bus to Siem Reap, solely for the purpose of seeing the Angkor area including Angkor Wat.  Upon arrival, we realised that this wasn’t our kind of place.  The tuk tuk drivers move very quickly with the variety of their offers from “tuk tuk?” “Lady?” “Weed?” “Heroin?”, within a five second pitch.  Again, this might be driven by the population still recovering and the survivers of the Khymer Rouge times, still scrambling to get a leg up in the world by any means possible.  Even if it means offering complete strangers heroin.  Anyway, we headed to our hostel which was damp and smelled like fish and vinegar.  A fine mix (for a sushi restaraunt).  In order to avoid the stench, we googled and found a metal bar, which turned out to be a lovely chilled acoustic open mic night, where I sang! Ok honestly I just harmonised for one song whist holding someone’s droopy Mic stand (not a euphemism).  It was called the harbour, for those who find themselves in Siem Reap.  And for the fellow geeks, they also have board games including Catan!

We did our obligatory Angkor Wat and other temples tour.  Most hostels (including our smelly one) organise a tuk tuk for you as its an early start. 4am early.  We did our trip with Matt (from Thailand and Laos) and a lovely girl we met called Rut.  The place was amazing.  In hindsight I wish I had paid for the three day ticket.  It is super expensive, I think £60-70?, but you could go back and spend more time there.  We only managed til midday as it was too hot and it would have been nice to go and see the temples we missed.  Also, top tip – If you are going to get the one day ticket, if you buy it after 5pm the day before, you get the remainder of that day free so you can see the sunset, then your ticket is also valid the next day 🙂

We had some fun times at Matt’s hostel (again we were trying to stay away from ours) and had a few drinks.  The nightlife is lively in Siem Reap and it is full of tourist bars, restaraunts and stalls selling fried insects.  Matt’s verdict?  Awful.  Clearly I did not go near this.  I was frightened of it even dead on the stick!  We also played Dare Jenga where, amongst other things, me and Andrew had to swop tops and he had to hold hands with another guy for whole round!

The rest of Siem Reap was chilled.  We spent way too long there really so didn’t do much the last couple of days.  We moved to a cheapish hotel with a roof terrace and hot tub (aka cold tub as you don’t need hot water in that weather!).  There were lots of cute cats and the room didn’t smell of fish.  I call that a win 🙂


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