Our last week in South East Asia was spent in Bangkok.  I was so not feeling this.  If I’m honest I was a little South-east-asia’d out.  I couldn’t wait for a change!!  Plus I was expecting Bangkok to be super crazy and busy.  We stayed in a hostel near to chaosan Road for the first two nights.  Both of us were knackered and didn’t feel like going to join the madness so we only visited in the day.  We had fish and chips, and just as we were finishing, we saw a giant rat run from under the tables in the bar.  It was so big I thought it was a cat and was getting ready to bother it.

We then moved to another hostel called Mali’s hostel.  The area was much nicer and more authentically thai.  There weren’t busloads of drunk tourists everywhere and people just pottered around getting on with their normal life.  The owners of the hostel were lovely! There were three generations that we met that ran the hostel, and Mali was the little girl!  She was so cute but such a handful!  We spent a lot of time talking to them – The mum (whose name escapes me right now) studied her degree in England.  They were really great and told us how to get around town on the sky train which was really easy to navigate.

We visited Chat market one day which was an eye opener.  They sell everything.  If you can think of it, its there.  Including puppies, kittens, chickens and this weird fish.  Later that day we went to a park nearby – it was a bit overcast, which was amazing as our bodies were thankful for not leaking water all day!

It was so hot in Bangkok we just chilled out in the various malls.  Even for the thai people, we were told, it is too unbearably hot at this time of year, so all people do is go to malls that are air conditioned.  We randomly bumped into Ali and Scott who are two of our favourite youtubers!  We literally watch them at least every week so it was really nice meeting them!  We also saw a really great cover band in a metal bar just down the road from our hostel (Andrew had been itching to go to a metal bar).  You had to take out a mortgage to buy one beer but it was still a good night. (Beautiful aren’t we!)

Bangkok for us was about air conditioning.  If it wasn’t AC we weren’t interested.  So we didn’t see any of the temples but meh – We had seen the same thing in Chiang Mai.  So as well as the many (many, many) malls  we visited a dog cafe and a cat cafe (twice).  The dog cafe was underwhelming (dogs can be selfish asshats) but the cat cafe was amazing (cats are also selfish asshats but it’s expected of a cat!).  There was no entry fee, drinks were reasonable and you could bother all the designer cats that you wanted.  Our favourite was Jabba.  He just loved a good chin tickle and padded and purred his way into my heart!

As much as we loved Thailand, we were ready for a change of scenery and as Japan was next, our wish was bound to come true!


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