24 Hours in Singapore

After a very long delay (and an unexpected stop in Taiwan) we arrived in Singapore.  It was 3am.  We were staying in a 12 bed dorm so we were very worried we were going to wake people up.  We really shouldn’t have worried as it seemed our hostel was right in the middle of party central and there was a lot of noise going on anyway!  We only had one day so we shuffled off to bed ready for our next day.

When we woke up for breakfast we realised how amazing the view was from our hostel.  It was right on the Clarke Quay and was stunning.  

It was also boiling compared to Japan – I had forgotten what constant sweat on your body felt like. Mmmoist.

We did the obligatory look at raffles.  Only from the outside.  You can pay a small fortune to go and have a singapore sling there.  I’ve been inside before when I was a teenager and it wasn’t that impressive.

We wandered around the city and feasted our eyeballs on the colours.  Singapore is a very multicultural city so there are hindu temples right next to chinese temples and lots of interesting things to see.  And, as with any tourist destination, there are a shitload of tat shops.

We ate the most delicious chicken ever from Tian Tian at the Hawker markets.  Oh my days it was tasty – I had to queue for about an hour to get some!  The queue was going out of the building but it was worth it.  The lady chef has won awards for her food (and been endorsed by some celebrity chef that I have never heard of!)

During the day we FOUND A COCOICHIBANYA!!!!!!!! Sorry. I don’t mean to shout but I was so excited I nearly ran there!  For those of you that know me – It made me do my “happy food dance”.  If you don’t know me then you’ll just have to imagine what that looks like.  It looks good.

Also if you don’t know what I’m talking about when I say Cocoichibanya then see my other blog on Nara here.  I walked out of the restaurant and to my utmost delight I saw a Kate Spade stationery shop. I walked round, putting my grubby backpacker paws on all the lovely shiny planners that I couldn’t afford.  Soon, my pretties.  Soon.

The best part of Singapore for me was seeing the lights at night.  We wandered down Marina bay and looked at all the enormous hotels that lit up the sky.

We also saw this dude.

The most amazing part was the Supertree light show in the Gadens by the Bay.  These massive metal trees stretch up into the sky dwarfing everything around them.  

They play music and put on a light show twice a night.  When Andrew found out that the theme was Star Wars he couldn’t contain his excitement.  I could.  But it was an amazing experience even and one well worth going to see if you find yourself in Singapore.


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